Contact: Ben Zhu (General Manager)
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HENAN POUL TECH MACHINERY CO., LTD., we are the modern poultry farm fully automation solution supplier from China. Our office is located in Zhengzhou City and factory is in Xiping County of Henan Province, with very rapid, convenient logistics and transportation in central part of China.

We have fully automatic CNC production lines and 4 KUKA robot lines to produce the metal sheets for the poultry keeping machines, which can produce high quality standard cages and equipment for 100,000 birds per day. POUL TECH has independent R&D department and QC team which keep the equipment always in high standard quality.


We can supply the turn-key project including poultry farm & chicken house project plan drawings with scientific design, automatic poultry equipment, broiler floor raising system, layer cage system, automatic feeding, drinking, egg collection, manure removal and climate control system, and installation supervision after sales.

We already finished lots of large scale farm project both in China domestic and foreign markets,or equipment is working well in Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, United States.
You are welcome to visit POUL TECH in China and our projects worldwide.during the period of COVID-19,you can see our factory via Internet of CLOUDS.
POUL TECH,your better partner for poultry farm projects !

(the 3D color chicken farm&house plan draft from R&D team of POUL TECH)

We supply the modern chicken farm&house plan drawing with scientific design, automatic poultry equipment and installation service after sales.the product including automatic cage system, feeding&drinking system, egg collection(conveyor) system, and chicken house environment control system. We have finished some large automatic international standard poultry farm project both in China domestic and foreign market.


(H frame Layer and Pullet Chicken Farm Project in China Domestic Market)

We have independent R&D team, modern and advanced production workshops and processing equipment, producing equipment with strict quality control standard. Now our customers are using our equipment in China mainland,Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America total more than 20 countries. We are now the only factory who can supply cage meshes to Europe in China.


(the steel sheets processing by cutting machine and hoppers in warehouse)

(H Frame cage frames and A frame egg collection machine ready for shipment)