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Henan POUL-TECH is a modern poultry farm dedicated integrated automation solutions for the professional company. The company is located in Hi-tech Development Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, with the country's most rapid and convenient logistics and traffic conditions. The company's core team members on domestic and foreign large-scale automated livestock equipment and has a deep understanding of the market, so the company has a rich experience in the industry.

(Our research and development staff to design farm planning 3D renderings)

Company Set livestock farm house planning and design, product supply, sale and installation as a whole, the main products include poultry cages and fed on automation systems, water systems, feeding systems, automation hens egg collection systems, animal building greenhouse cooling equipment and environmental control systems. Domestic and foreign companies have completed the standardization, automation, large-scale livestock farm project a number of international standards.

(A city in Hubei Province, China in a stacked field and brood hens internal field)

The company has a modern production plant and processing equipment, and improve the quality control standards, best-selling products, and more than twenty countries and regions in the world, with a broad customer base and good market reputation in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa and South America. Especially with chicken wire mesh processing, is currently the only company to export to the chicken wire mesh equipment manufacturer in Europe.

(Cage net mesh bottom and on the top row of the network are fully automated welding complete)

(Sheet metal processing, and Finished Products)

(Cage systems, and stepped egg collection machine warehouse outgoing finished products)